oh, hello.

I’ve been thinking and attempting to start a fashion blog for a while now. Honestly, I feel really inadequate to be starting this because I am just a small town girl struggling to get through college. I’m excited to start this blog because I feel like even though I am inadequate, I can really help some people find affordable, but fashionable pieces for their wardrobe.

some questions you might have: 

-why the name thrifty red?

My most recent and favorite nickname is red. My maiden name was Allred, and an important friend that I met over three years ago started calling me that. I loved it when people called me red because it was a cute name, but also because my maiden name means a lot to me. You’ll come to know why soon enough.

-can cute clothes really be affordable?

YES! yes, yes, and YES! I make it my goal to not spend over $30 on clothes. What?!? That’s crazy! you might think. Yes it is crazy, but I do several things that help me build my dream wardrobe without breaking the bank, and I plan on taking you through a journey to learn these tips and tricks.

feel free to comment any further questions.

Lets start with a “get to know you”:

-I am 22.

-I am a Latter-day Saint (you might know this faith by the name Mormon).

-I am a student graduating in Accounting. I know, sounds boring, but it really isn’t. It is kind of ironic that I love accounting, but I’m weird.

-I am married to the love of my life. We’ve been married for 10 months now, so we are still fairly newlyweds. I’ll do a post on my anniversary about our wedding. It was magical.

-I love art. That is honestly what got me interested in the fashion industry. I love it when people express themselves, and clothes are my favorite way of expression.

Honestly, this blog is for me. If it blows up to be this amazing blog that people love to follow, then GREAT! But I am doing this blog as a way to release my emotions and ideas. I feel I have a lot of ideas, and I would love to share them. I plan on focusing on fashion, but occasionally I will rant, I will share my faith, I will talk about my favorite books/movies, and I will just gloat about my handsome husband. This is my public journal, and if you happen to find this and like it, then I am glad you came along.

xoxo – red

here is a sneak peak to my halloween costume

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