about me

Idaho born and raised – that means I know how to mow a lawn, sew a dress, wrestle a sheep, ride a horse, and any other small town home girl talent. I may be a little biased, but I love Idaho. I am also from a large family, 5 brothers and 2 sisters and plenty of nieces and nephews. Family is everything to me (I know, cliche), but for reals… I love my siblings and my mom and dad soooooooooo much. Being from Idaho, we had to work on a farm together. It really brought us together, and my siblings are my closest friends.

I am married to a wonderful, smart, hansome man from Mesa. We have had different backgrounds growing up, but we have a lot of fun together. We have our own different hobbies; he plays guitar, I sew, and we work on a lot of home projects together. We have been married a little over a year. We don’t have any children yet, but we will eventually. I don’t think we will have a large family, but I really look forward to a few little tykes running around the house and calling me mamma.

With my free time I really love doodling in my sketchbook, reading books, or watching Netflix. Currently I am in the middle of watching “the Office”, reading What is the What, and starting a watercolor project.

I am currently a student at Brigham Young University studying Accounting. Naturally I am a creative, but I love Accounting. I know, yawn… but we all have our own likes and dislikes right? It is kinda a funny story how I ended up in the Accounting major here. Maybe I’ll post about it in the future.

well I guess I will edit this as I get a little more comfortable with blogging. I have always been meaning to start a blog where I can show my creations and have some creative outlet. I’m sorry if you hate blogs… maybe then don’t read mine? We can still be friends right??

anyway if you did read this, thanks!



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